my memories of christmas

I could not understand as a child

the rules of christmas time

I was told if i was good all year

What i asked for would be mine

Was it because I was six years old?

And my writting was not clear

Did bicycle read  as orange

and a fort read has a pear

Did chocolate read has nuts and crisp

Did a cowboy suit read has socks

I asked for a train set on a board

What I got was coloured blocks

I thought well? Santa does wear spectecles

Praphaps he cannot see?

Yet dave and eric down our street

Get everything that was meant for me.

All year long they are naughty

All year long they are bad

New bikes,trains sets chocolates and sweets

Things I never had

Years passed they got everthing

Motor bikes and new cars

Bigger and better presents

bigger and better cards

This year I went to Erics funeral

His brother Dave was there

He looked smart dressed in black

Being pushed in his wheel chair

The last time I saw Dave

He was struggling on his simmer frame

I drove passed in my Mercedes

And waved at him in the rain

The End

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