Your Status

everyone's got a status they just don't know it till you've decided to dig deeper and make themselves their own Celeb!

There's something i like to call a status, if you don't get me it's kinda like livin in statehouse, i don't wanna lose myself and delve in too far and become some sort of hater, coz unlike the rest of them haters i ain't gonna sit around and depreciate my celebrity status,

I want to tell you 'bout a special status, 'coz unlike any other status it can make you pretty famous, in all the right ways. Let's begin to talk 'bout that christian celebrity status; that celebrity status begins when you confess and progress into the depths of grace,

You see every christian has a part of them that's gonna be a faker, and another part that's always gonna be a hater. I like Avicii have my levels, and like Manchester my lil red devils, i ain't here to play Rick Ross goin' "huh i'm a boss", nor did i come to take some tots,but i came to prove that Christ didn't lose,

Coz when God comes knockin, you somehow go jogging, i don't need a floggin, but i'm willing to quit doggin, coz if you open the door you will meet the floor, when you hear of what he did to meake you free......

The End

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