Chook is the only title I thought fitted this poem =). Wrote this during Spanish after coming in from the snow...

As bittersweet snowflakes kiss my face
I yearn and ache for a warm embrace.

I feel so safe when I'm in your arms,
It's as if I'm dreaming
I'm just waiting for the alarm.

Drawn to you by lips, eyes and hair
Intrigued by you for your hands, your laugh, your stare.

I loose myself in your deep brown eyes
Falling, dancing, escaping my mind.

I don't think I've ever felt like this...
I've never been speechless by just a kiss.

I feel intoxicated by just a touch
I've never been this happy with myself, this much.

You help me see meaning
In this tired, jaded world.
As though I finally realise
What everything's worth.

You may not be perfect,
But you're perfect for me.
And when you're insecure,
I'm desperate for you to see

The way I smile when I call you Chook;
The way I sigh when you give me that one look...

The way you giggle when you play with my face,
The way you call me beautiful when I'm barely awake...

I love you.
Je t'adore.
Ich liebe dich.
Ti amo.
Urkuk lu Stalga.

No matter what language I say it in,
It just doesn't mean enough when said to you.
I need something that sums up the fact that-
Without you- je suis perdue.

The End

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