Silence or a shout
I can never seem to be too loud
Not loud enough for anyone to hear me
Only every other word.

I'm not scared of death
Not like everyone else
What's scarier is not living
Not being happy.

The world could end tomorrow
And I would be okay
As long as I've done SOMETHING
As long as I've made myself heard.

Hear my silence
Hear my screams
I have words
That want the hell out!

Behind this facade
Imposed by you and I
Is a girl.
Just a girl.

A human girl
Who makes mistakes
And is insecure
And alone but not lonely.

A girl who feels too vulnerable
Watching the world and its people
Picking up details like flower petals
And stashing them away.

I write in pen
And not in graphite
In life you can't erase
What is not right.

The "me" that you all see
Is a reflection in a broken mirror
In there is the writer
That occasionally appears.

The words on paper are
The ones that choke me
As they bubble to my lips. 

The End

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