Choice of perception

This is one of my favourite pieces. I practically live on Facebook...and one night I got rather pissed off with the amount of complaints people put as their status' so i got to writing. And i SOMEHOW made something seemingly optomistic, the poem trys to explain we should appreciate the hard times as they make the good times feel better. I wrote about how life would be easy if we couldn't see the detail in life, both metaphorically and literally through the idea of having blurred vision. but if w

Open your eyes.

To a vision like mine.

A distorted, but un-contorted world of peace,

A land or blurred colours, and calmness, divine.


Where colours may form and amalgamate,

And instigate tranquillity.

Through a lack of visibility.

Suddenly all becomes clear.

The absence of stress and fear,

Leaves us only time to think.

We can…reflect on our

Beliefs, dreams, aims and purpose.

As a state of heaven like bliss begins to surface

Let’s leave it to chance, give it heads or tails,

Because life is left simple without the details

And yet still…something is missing.


Blink. And as you open your eyes

All becomes clear.

The details return, along with the fear.

Stress, panic, distress and anxiety,

And all the complexities of a modern society.

You don’t have time to think.

Or collect your thoughts.

No time to sit back and watch the world run its course.

You’re back in life now.

Things scare you,

But others amaze you.

The fine aesthetic beauty of life

Returns to your trusty medium of sight.

Appreciate a child’s laughter, the beauty of night’s skies

The delicate soft skin on hands, and wonder in person’s eyes.


The question still stands.

Live in a simplistic world of blurred vision,

Or in clear detail, with chaos and beauty’s Illision.

Pick naturally, you can’t fail.

Just forget the coin.

Never heads or tails.


Ryan Smith – 23/01/11

The End

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