Chit Chat CrapMature

Yes, I’m okay, what about you?
No, I’m not up to much.
What about you?

Surprisingly! Nothing new.
As we sit here conversing,
With the same old shit as usual.
The same, laborious, lame, idle,
Chit chat crap, nothing immersing.
No…interesting revelations of speech,
No gossip, no anecdotes’, no lessons to teach.
We just sit here.
Our mouths are moving,
But we aren’t talking.

I say…
‘Send it to hell!’
To death with idle chit chat crap!
Let’s scream random!
And embrace the unorthodox,
Stop the clocks!
Make the dial spin the other way,
Let’s talk of our troubles of yesterday.
Or of worlds that aren’t ours.
Worlds filled with discussions and contradiction!
Or worlds entirely made up out of fiction,
In which we are the soul possessors.
And have the power to create or negate,
Ideas that we don’t like.

Worlds filled with purple giraffes!
And talking flowers.
Worlds that belong to us.
Forever ours.

The End

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