Children’s Toys

I love you, yet I hate you.

You’ll never knew how deeply my feelings ran,

Yet you pretended to feel the same.

I whisper “hold me close”,

You take my  face in your hands,

Brush you lips across mine.

Yet she’s more important than me.

Tell me how you feel,

Tell me when you decided I was a toy,

A mere privilege you deserve.

I felt like you were the one,

But, oblivious to my feelings, you broke this toy.

The battery died .

The plastic shields cracked.

And I fell to pieces around you.

And now what we have are the shattered remains of a friendship camouflaged as a love.

And you laugh again and again at the chaos of my heart.


And like my body, my heart is hurt.

How can I be so important one moment and just a meaningless pile of rubble the next?

I just want to feel needed,

I want to feel loved,

I want to be cherished like the cute cherubs and not forgotten like presents past.

Is it wrong for me to follow my feelings?

Am I supposed to be like a puppet?

Merely along for the ride,

Dragged from stage to stage to perform for complete strangers?

Or like an old forgotten teddy,

Stuffed among discarded items

To be thrown away,

Not even good enough to be handed down to younger siblings?

And yet you return ,

As she decides that you are the puppet,

You are the discarded teddy.

And sadly you think I have waited for you,

That I have missed your attention,

That I am your princess, pining away in my tower for my lonely prince to return.

But I had fashioned my ladder from the broken remains of my heart to escape your stranglehold that I had placed on myself.

And as I was climbing I discovered I felt whole again, as I never thought I would.

My heart has moved on.

And now you’re the fool,

The discarded teddy,

And I am the strong one

And will you wait?

Will you be the prince pining away for your princess to save you?

Or will you take your broken heart and create a rope ladder,

An emotional rollercoaster that you can ride on your way out?

Will you escape her stranglehold?

Becoming the prince you one day will be?

The End

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