Childhood Ends

The irony of childhood

They say they love you

Would give you their hearts to make you feel better

What would you do with a bleeding organ?

Reminding you of those you lost on the way

You used to be able to love once

Before they took that away from you In one fatal blow

You shouldn’t be expected to be the rock

For each of your family to fall upon

You shouldn’t be expected to lie and beguile

To keep the demons at bay

When it gets to the stage when you can’t look in the mirror

When there are physically no tears left to shed

Losing a childhood you never had chance to acknowledge you had

Breaking your heart into thousands of pieces

Never to love again,

Never daring to give yourself to someone

For fear of it happening all again

For fear of the loss

After trusting only your own judgement

On how to keep going

If you could have one wish

It would be for it all to end…

The End

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