Childhood Bliss

An entree in the spring 2010 poetry tournament. Very bouncy and simple.

He's over the world
He's on top of the slide
He has all the courage,
so he goes for the ride. 

He swerves through the curves, 
through the twists, through the turns.
With the wind on his face,
he's as free as a bird!

He emerges from the bottom,
and to his surprise,
he sees something he's never seen before
that seems to catch his eye.

It was round, it was red, 
it was floating overhead.
So he walked up to the owner
"What's that!?" he said.

The girl looked down at him,
since she was much taller than he,
so much taller, in fact, 
he was only to her knee!

"What's what?" she said
confused and questioningly.
"That thing tied to the string!"
he replied with such glee.

"Want one?" she said,
"It's just a balloon!
A man's got some over there,
but hurry, he's leaving soon!"

So he tore off to the spot,
where the balloon-man stood tall.
There were so many colors-
he wanted them all!

"Can I help you?" the man said, 
with a wide-stretched smile.
"Well I have to pick a color first, 
and that could take a while..!"

There was purple, 
there was blue,
there was yellow, there was red.
"Which is your favorite?" the boy finally said.

The man thought for a minute
"I really like blue.."
The boy flashed a smile at him-
"I think I do, too!"

So with the balloon in his hand, 
the boy skipped and he twirled,
because as long as he had it, 
he was the happiest boy in the world.

The End

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