The scratch -scritch of your crayon on paper

Reminds me of the time, when life was safer

When stickers were diamonds and rainbows jewels

And the world was all sparkly and new

When glitter was glue and ice cream 'everyday' food

And you ran around just because you could 

When bubbles were the moon

And fireflies the sun

And Saturdays never came to soon 

Because you always had fun 

Days when you could swear you could touch the sky 

(just reach a little higher)   

Nights when you dreamed you could fly 

And in betweens when you thought you never could die

(just stay here forever)  

But soon enough childhood stopped being your friend

Because you stopped smiling

Because fairy tales did end

Because the sun was too hot

And the moon too far

And dreams were as silly as wishing stars

And hearts started to be shaped like actual hearts

And happy days seemed to be as fictionalAs Santa Claus......

The scratch-scritch  of my pen

Takes me back to reality

When those days really did end

The End

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