Child like Me

I wrote this and I don't eally remember much or why I did write it

As I walked

One summer evening

I noticed a child

Not much older than twelve

Sitting on some steps

That were in complete darkness

As I stopped and heard

Sobbing so quiet


I paused and thought

‘Should I walk?’

But I couldn’t move away

So I walked toward

The dim figure

As I walked closer

I heard him whisper

Only two words

That made my heart stop

Mom. Dad.


I couldn’t breath

As I felt the cold pain stab through me

I dropped on one knee

And held out my arms

As the child ran into them


I held him close

As I said

‘It’s hard,

Nothing with be easy,

But they left

With you being able

To live a life’


The boy just cried

And I held him close

As he slowly calmed down

He backed away and nodded

As he took me inside

Where a man stood

And explained everything

To the boy

That never let go

Of my hand


I knew then

That that child

That was so much

Like me

Was someone

I couldn’t walk away from

So from then on

The child I always wanted

Was the small boy

That was so much like me

The End

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