Child Abuse


The cold seeps in under the door

I hide my face.

Father doesnt like me looking.

I crawl to him.


He laughs.

A cold push sends me flying.


I shiver.


"Because you asked."

And he leaves the room.

A single tear i shed

Father hates when i cry

Says it disturbs him.

I dont like disturbing him.

Mommy used to disturb him.

But im not sure where she went

Just one day?

She stopped coming in my room.

But she'll come todauy...

I just know it.

She'll come and pick me up

Up Up UP!

Just like before

like when I went to aschool.

My last year was fifth grade.

Then father stopped taking me.

I knock on my wall 4 times.

that means question.

Father comes in

"How old was i in fifth grade?"


"How old am I now?"

"17. Happy Birthday and dont bother me again."

Im alone again.

The End

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