Chicken's PoemsMature

just a few of them poems ive done...
they are all individual poems and are seperated by spaces...

thank you for being there to talk to,

if i had a medal id take it and hand it to you,

id rather die than losee you as a friend,

coz baby your the best here by far..




ahaha my rhymes arent amazing but,

looking at you and gazing,

my eyes glazing over...whoaah i feel too light,

naa you just put me in trance and im starting to hover




i know you need cheering up babe,

coz tbh your my favee ,

baby why the tears and long faces, isit guys?

stand up and put them in their rightful places,

your always here for me when im down,

so now its my turn, come here let me give you this crown,

ill always be here with the lovingg and kissingg

im just happy theres someone here listeninnng,

thank you baby for being there.. your sucha star,

but ima keep you with me so you keep on shining,

when my time is up.. maybe by drowninggg?

i want you to know that your my world,

and the fact that im so proud to call you minee




as i think to myself 'what the fuck are you doing',

theres a whole line full of lads all queuing,

as i peer over to glance at her,

she spots me looking and goes to her friend to conferr.

wow this has never happened to me before,

normally id be over some guys girl and be knocked up on the floor.




i really don’t understand,

im just wishing to be hand in hand,

with someone who treats me well,

suprises me and there when i got stuff to tell,

trustworthy and caring,

but also fun to be with and can have a laugh when we’re feeling daring,



why am i not considered good enough?

isit coz i skate? yehh well tough...

you can say anything you like,

but deep down i know your just jealous coz im on the mic.




as i look outta the window and at a tree,

i think to myself about us... together.. you and mee,

but i know its never gunna happen,

you know ill get close to you, then your leave... kinda sudden,

but who cares as always its just me the one who stares out looking at the trees...


The End

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