I Like to Think in SimilesMature

I like to think in similes
like doctors think in scales,
and measuring, like dolphins singing
opera to the whales.

I like to think in similes,
like paint upon a brush,
that changes color suddenly,
like faces when they blush.

I like to think in similes,
and I was simply shocked to see
that you like similes, similarly.


I must think in metaphors.
Doctors think in scales,
and measuring. Dolphins sing
an opera to the whales.

I must think in metaphors.
They're paint upon a brush.
They change their color suddenly;
Faces, when they blush.

I must think in metaphors.
Moreover, I was moved to see
That you are me, metaphorically.


I adore alliteration,
also quite alluring.
Although it isn't ALL I like,
it's always reassuring.

I adore alliteration
a letter at a time.
I like to think I love it, but
Let's not leap outa line.

I adore alliteration
So I was almost appalled to see
That you alliterate illiterately!


I write with repetition
Repeating what I write
It's right to write repetitive
repeated writings, right?

I write with repetition
Repeatedly rewriting
Rightly, though. It's written so
Write already, alrighty?

I write with repetition
So when you repeated that YOU write repetitively,
I repeated, "repetitively."


The End

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