Chicken Poet Pie - by Meliverde and Rac7helMature

A collection of poems written by meliverde and rac7hel

Cousin doesn rhyme with dozen

Cause the cussin' kids were buzzin 

The fantastic spastic 

Wore plastic elastic

The supreme dream extreme team

Deemed steam a mean scheme 

And said it had to leave

The achieved relieved

Had up their sleeves

Greed and need 

I can’t conceive 

To weave a sleeve

To relieve my grief

But this belief is the chief

But thief, I can’t belief you ate my beef!

So make it brief chief

As I stood in disbelieve

"What a relief!" Said the chief who ate my beef

Don’t mistreat the obsolete parakeet

Be indiscreet and meet my meat

With a receipt 

I repeat

The artifical art of fish

Was superficial, efficient and a fishin’

and the crocodile smiled all the while.

The End

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