Chi the Thief

A poem dedicated to my partner I wrote some time ago. (rough in areas) but it has sentimental value to me so why not post it?

~Good night my love~
I want you by my side, in my bed and in my head.

I locked away the most precious thing that I own,
Something so dear that with neglect it shrivels and grows.
Too many times have I given away and let others held it.

None with fragile grip, none with the right fit,
Broken, shattered and ignored, collecting dust and looking forlorn,
I locked it away, never tempted by lust or guilt or foolish trivialities,
Always wary of consequenced fatality.

Alas there it is left in a melancholy place in a melancholy hole,
A void left unfulfilled, as I remember I recall speaking to a girl,
She was bright, in face and figure,
Dazzling like the stars with wit even bigger,
A big eyed girl that charmed the days,
Whom took interest in a boy of laze.

Polite may he be, androgynously plain was he,
In likeness and mind,
The girl looked behind and whispered in my ear,
A confession I grew pale for,
I was scared and was be lost,
Mind and spirit, hope and trust,

I pushed away again and again,
Locked the doors and wandered the halls,
Looked out the windows and watched the rain.

She cried, I distain, "I must protect what is mine"
I caused her tears, I caused her pain,
Time went by, she wrote to me and I wrote with shame,
We made terms which we would never break nor would relax.

I looked away, I looked back,
Opened the doors and turned the rack,
It was gone, stolen, what was mine!

Why? Who? What?
A culprit of malice,
A brigand who dwells with mice.

I felt like sucking my thumb like babe in it's cot,
I was left alone, alone to rot,
Broken, shattered and ignored,
I wandered past the windows,
I climbed the stairs, paced the bedroom floor,
For what I saw, I didn't hate but I did adore,
For I saw the thief today, for it was,

The Chi who stole my heart away.

The End

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