#5. Just This Once

Look me in the eye, just this once

And tell me it isn’t true.

The black I hear, the red I see,

It isn’t them, it isn’t you.


Sing me to sleep, dear Mama,

Just this silly minute, only once.

Stay by my side, dear Papa,

There are other battles to be won.


Like the lonely one I fight against,

The shadows after the sun has set,

The deep valley of the Unknown,

Waiting underneath my bed.


Just this once, my funny friends

See me for who I am.

Your lovely smiles and pretty nods,

Do nothing, in fact, for what I can.


Just this once, let me belong,

My feet are sore, from all the searching.

Peeping into houses, tumbling down holes,

In my waking and my dreaming.


Dear Sun, just this once,

Let me wake into a perfect world.

Where Hope whispers, and Love sings,

And prayers don’t rot in basements, neatly furled.


O distant, hazy soul mate,

Once is all I want

A subtle hint, a simple kiss

On the wind that travels to every haunt.


Just this once, you who read,

Stop and look around.

There is beauty in these walls, in the mirrored eyes

And magic in every sound.


Once, once, we’re born only once

And yet we die every day.

So let me live, just this once.

Then you can lock my breaths away.



The End

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