Irene the Queen

Irene the Queen was a Knighting machine,

She knighted so often, so wherever she'd been,

At least something was Knighted, it was nearly obscene


She Knighted a man just for taking a bath,

And a cow from West Hampshire, for giving birth to a calf

She even Knighted a turnip, just for a laugh


Her addiction was manic, she even Knighted the night

Until one fateful day, a recourse was in sight

When a wicked witch came and announced, in her might...


"Many years ago I was given a slight,

Turned down by a brave, handsome and courageous Knight,

Knighthood I curse, I give it a blight!"


"Everything knighted, I scorn and I spite

And they will all suffer this curse from this very night

Now all who should see them will drop dead of fright!"


So now Queen Irene had another problem instead,

Unless her kingdom went blind, they'd all end up dead

So she renamed all the Knighthoods to Nighthoods instead


Needless to say, this did not bypass the curse,

If anything, it possibly made things quite worse

And so her kingdom ended, much like this verse.

The End

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