Nipsy the Gypsy

Nipsy The Gypsy


Nipsy the gypsy was a swarthy young man

Setting out on a journey one day

He abhorred the glitzy, the sparkle and glam

He sought rough adventure, they say


Deep into the bush, he set out on a whimsy

To connect with all creatures within

He ignored the nay-sayers, he said they were ditzy

If they didn’t quite comprehend him


He partied and drank with a wilder sort

Not caring if human or not

Good thing he brought bottles of liquor and port

The others they had not a spot


Quite well-liked he was, this gypsy called Nipsy

He danced ‘neath a sky painted red

Though parts did get limpsy when Nipsy was tipsy

So no one came back to his bed


But one day misfortune befell our poor rover

For Nipsy was buckled in pain

It came on in waves and near knocked him right over

He could not convince it to wane


He quickly sought help from a passing physician

From a far away place called Poughkeepsie

The doc was well-dressed and looked more like…magician

Let him please have those powers, thought Nipsy


The exam was efficient (if not in a lab)

And doc deduced what ailed poor Nipsy

The gypsy had gallstones, and needed to have

A very fast and high-tech lithotripsy


After the treatment, all he needed was rest

Said the gypsy whose whimsy can’t relent

“But before I set out on my next great big quest

“I’ll put the doc from Poughkeepsie in my tent!”


The End

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