Keith O'Keefe, the Infamous Thief

Keith O'Keefe, an infamous thief,

Came of late to this reknown.

He began a man of devout belief,

Straight-laced and buttoned-down.

Keith O'Keefe, he was a priest,

Who served the city parish,

He helped the needy, he helped the least,

His holy life, he cherished.

Father Keith did kneel one day

To offer his daily prayers.

He bowed his head to have his say,

To give the Lord his cares.

"Lord, if I could, I'd like to ask,

For one little favor please,

I've worked so hard at my holy task,

Could I now have a life of ease?"

The Good Lord took his prayers to heart,

And offered him a reasonable choice,

"Father, you can keep on doing sacred art,

And keep listening to my heavenly voice."

"But you will be poor and meager in wealth,

But still you will live as a king,

You will be loved, you'll have good health,

In spirit you'll have most everything."

But Father Keith didn't like what he heard,

He was hoping for something more,

So he left the life of preaching the Word,

And started robbing the rich and the poor.

Keith O'Keefe began his life of crime,

Stealing boxes of charity

But now in prison he's serving his time,

His fair share of eternity.

Poor, poor Father O'Keefe,

The path he took to riches,

He didn't realize that being a thief,

Resulted in his wearing striped britches.


The End

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