Terry the Tooth-Fairy


One fair morn in Fairyland,

His mother would remember

(The date was etched upon her brain:

The thirteenth of November.)


This fateful day, young Terry Tweet

A fairy loved by many,

Announced to all and sundry that

He planned to earn his penny.


''I'm off to join the Tooth Brigade.''

He said, to cries of ''Never!''

For this career excluded males.

It had been thus, forever.


His ma and pa, the Tweets of Twee,

Cajoled, and begged and pleaded

With their unusual,  stubborn boy.

They said, ''At home you're needed.''


But Terry Tweet would not be moved.

His chosen occupation -

To gather lost deciduous teeth,

From human children taken.


He'd studied all the literature;

Was ready to be tested.

He shone at the first interview.

His zeal could not be bested.


So in due course, the history books

Of Fairyland would show that

The first male Tooth Fairy of all

Was Terry. Did you know that?

The End

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