Gordon the Warden

Gordon the Warden was the prison-keep

For souls gone in a criminal way,

For souls whose morals had fallen asleep,

and for souls who had gone astray.


Gordon the Warden was a kind-hearted man,

Though his work made him tough and stern.

He wanted to help, you must understand,

Their lives he wanted to turn.


Gordon the Warden would teach when he could

The better road to follow in life.

And to his joy, some would turn for the good,

But others would cause only strife.


Gordon the Warden would never give in

He kept trying to rescue his men,

For though this world is filled with sin,

Some lives turned around, now and then.


Gordon the Warden was a man you can see

Who worked at a job he did hate,

For though he did  give to some their liberty key,

Most men had to linger and wait.


So Gordon the Warden left the prison for good,

To seek for his life something more,

He took a job that most never would,

As a bouncer who showed people the door.


Now Gordon the Warden is happy again,

For often he is heard to shout,

"Once my life was keeping folks in,

And now it is keeping folks out!"



The End

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