Harmer the Farmer

Harmer the Farmer took pride in his job

His daughters were cows his sons the scarecrows

He never was married but loved his chicken-mob

And every corn stalk sanding neatly in rows


No girls of the village were pretty to him

And he had all he needed in the fields and the barn

One morning he set out with his sheep-dog kin

To find himself help, and his socks to darn


He soon lost his way in a green forest great

And when at last he stumbled upon a poor house

He was tired and hungry and the time was quite late

Used to being alone his now was shy as a mouse


But there was something that Harmer knew not

And had he known he would not have gone up

For in this house lived a girl who was hot

With her father and her cute little pup


Her father was desperate and evil too

And he wanted her married to further his name

That morning with anger and a face turning blue

He swore she would marry the next man who came


So when poor happy Harmer arrived

His doom was upon him, his fate was sealed

The wedding that shortly ensued was sad and contrived

And the bride was mean and selfish once revealed


Harmer had not the heart to take her home

To show her his fields and his animal friends

So he weathered her company sad and alone

Determined to see his folly through till it ends


If there is a moral in this I don't know what it could be

Except perhaps to be careful on whose door you knock

And stay close to the friends you love and see

And to mend your own socks instead of going for a walk

The End

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