Ferdinor the Conquistador

Ferdinor the Conquistador

Was the son of a Spanish king,

When sent to fight a mighty war,

He went off to do his thing.


Ferdinor the Conquistador

Set sail to find new land,

So he left his home for a distant shore,

At least that was his plan.


But Ferdinor got lost one day,

In the middle of the sea,

He saw a whale along the way,

And thought it Mount Fuji.


Needless to say, poor Ferdinor

Found  not America,

Instead he took an endless tour,

Around North Africa.


So Ferdinor, Conquistador,

Retired when he returned,

With rusted sword, this man of war,

Set out to live what he had learned.


There are no worlds to conquer,

If those worlds cannot be found.

This one thing he did learn for sure,

It's safer on the ground.


Ferdinor the Conquistador,

Now lies buried in the past.

And though he walks the earth no more,

He's found new worlds at last.









The End

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