Moss the Boss

Moss the Boss owned the jelly bean plant,

But he was also a mean, old cuss,

And every time a mistake was made,

He made a terrible fuss.


Moss the Boss would inspect each bean,

To make sure that the color was right,

You see his reds all had to be dark,

And his yellows, they had to be bright.


Moss the Boss decided one day,

That he needed to make something new,

So he created a flavor that nobody had,

Huckleberry Grape Honeydew.


Because somebody made a mistake,

Moss the Boss his top he blew,

Instead of the flavor he wanted to make,

They made Pickle Juice Kangaroo Stew.


Moss the Boss had to make do,

With the colors that he already knew,

Red ones and green, purple and white,

The yellow but mostly the blue.


Moss the Boss was the boss no more,

Because he never made anything new,

So learn from his life this bit of advice,

Make more with your life than the blues.








The End

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