Scott the Apricot

Scott the Apricot one day was bought,

By a lady from Brighton Beach.

He was picked because she thought she ought ,

Choose him instead of a peach.


Scott the Apricot was destined for lunch,

To be eaten the very next day,

But before she could munch,

To her he had something to say.


Scott the Apricot recited some rime,

And quoted some authors by name,

He read her the writings of ancient times,

And poets of considerable  fame.


Scott the Apricot was especially smart,

For a fruit so remarkably small,

He had went to school to study just art,

But in the end had studied it all.


So Scott the Apricot, Ph.D.,

Taught the lady who had brought him home,

And she is the one that now you see,

Who wrote this incredibly, delicious poem.






The End

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