Cookie the Bookie

Cookie the Bookie was a big bet maker,

For all the gamblers around,

But Cookie the Bookie was also a baker,

Making the best wheat bread in town.

Cookie the Bookie would go to the stable,

To learn what the horses might know,

He'd bribe them with muffins right from the table,

So the nags would make him some dough.

Cookie the Bookie would talk to the jocks,

To see if any might be on the take,

And if they were, he'd fill up their socks,

With slices of his famous shortcake.

Cookie the Bookie would then make his bet,

Hoping his horse would win,

And if he did, the money he'd get,

If not, he'd get the rolling pin.

Cookie the Bookie then lost all his money,

And he could not remember why,

One day he was flowing in milk and honey,

But in the end , eating day old rye.

The End

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