Kareem the Dream

Kareem the Dream
Was the star of his team
On the asphalt court at school.
He could dribble and shoot
And swing from the hoop.
And the girls said, "He's so cool!"

Kareem had it all
With his basketball,
With his skills, his fans, his shoes.
They called him "Dream,"
The one-man team.
Nobody'd ever seen him lose.

Kareem was loud.
He drew a crowd,
And he told them, "I'm goin' pro!
I shoot. I score."
But the crowd got bored.
"Hey man, pass the ball.  C'mon bro."

Kareem didn't care.
Kareem don't share.
He ditched his friends that day.
Said, "I am Dream,
The one-man team.
Who needs them anyway?"

Kareem set to prove
With his sweet balla moves,
He was ready for the draft pick.
He may have been great,
But with no teammates,
He became star of nothing real quick.

Kareem quit school.
No ballin', no cool.
But hey, he's never met defeat.
Now they call him just a dream,
A one-man team.
'Cause with him, no one cares to compete.

The End

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