Dale, in Sales

Dale had his career in Sales
Worked in a big firm in Wales
Spent the day making money
'Stead of wooing his honey
So she slept with eight other males.

Dale didn't know this at all
Until his good buddy named Paul
Mentioned a night in the hay
With his wife th'other day
And they started a massive bar brawl

Dale didn't like this one bit
In fact he threw quite a fit
"My wife is a sleeper!"
Cried the bookkeeper
"What an insuff'rable git!"

Then he went back to his house
As quietly as a fieldmouse
He was home quite early
A man was still with his girly
So he slaughtered the man and his spouse.

He took a few beers from the fridge
And drove out to Spinetingly Ridge
A few drinks he did take
And forgot to brake
And he shot right off of the bridge

So the moral of the story is this
If you make a Mrs. from Miss
Make more love than money
Or you may lose your honey
And yourself into the black abyss

The End

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