Pepper Merry the Secretary

Pepper Merry the Secretary

Was a woman of poise and grace.

With a bun tied high and pretty blue eyes

And classic beauty on her face.

Her body was slender, curvaceous and smooth

Appealing to the eye and ear,

But Pepper Merry the Secretary

Had a secret she kept in fear.

The clients loved her, men and women alike

For her kindness and her smarts,

Though the men more greatly focused on

Her supple female parts.

A tight red skirt and a blouse cut low

With heels tucked beneath her seat,

Pepper Merry the Secretary

Was anything but discreet.

One late morning, Pepper Merry stood up

To get herself a treat,

And as she reached for a plastic cup

A man's hand, she did meet.

She raised her eyes and her heart surely skipped

At the sight before her then.

He was dark and handsome, tall, full-lipped;

An Adonis among mere men.

His name was Derrick, a client no less;

Coming to talk to the boss.

"I'm not usually forward, but I have to confess,"

He said, "I'm at a loss,

How does a woman as sexy as you,

With brains enough for three,

And with so much kindness for the people, too...

Have no wedding ring, like me?"

Pepper Merry threw on a coy smile,

And led him down the hall.

They hid in the janitor's closet, meanwhile

Pepper pinned him to the wall.

The passion exploded, and their clothes took flight;

All but Pepper's bright red skirt.

Derrick tried to remove it, oh he put up a fight,

But Miss Merry was truly a flirt.

"Slow down Derrick, let's not rush,"

Her voice flustered and afraid.

"But Pepper," he said, sounding heated and flushed,

"Baby, there's magic to be made."

He turned her around, didn't care if it hurt,

Pepper wished to stop, but couldn't.

But as he got up beneath that skirt,

He found something that he shouldn't.

Derrick went still for a second or so,

His hand frozen in place on her thigh.

Then he fell back as if from a blow,

And screamed "DEAR GOD, YOU'RE A GUY!"

Pepper sighed and said "It's true,

"My procedure was never complete,"

"That's why I work so hard, for you,

In that God-damned desk and seat."

Derrick tried to escape, but could not;

The door locked and left him trapped.

So Pepper was on him, against him a lot,

And that's when Derrick snapped.

Enraged by this trick, feeling dirty and played

Derrick shoved her off with a shout,

He grabbed for a weapon, his manhood betrayed,

And knocked that Pepper right out.

He heard her fall, heard him in the dark,

Then a silence for the grave,

He felt for her head with his foot, found his mark,

And a hell of a beating, he gave.

Derrick calmed down and reached to his left,

Calmly twisting the knob to the right,

And without even looking back, he left,

While Pepper spent the night.

The beating killed her, him, either one

When found, she was truly scary.

She never saw her final procedure done,

That secretive Pepper Merry.

The End

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