Rajbir the Cashier


Rajbir the cashier was extremely severe

And he never took any time off.

With ambitions high to advance his career,

At talk of vacations he'd scoff.


For overtime he was the sole volunteer;

In him the work ethic was strong,

But he dreamed of the day he'd be dressed in cashmere

And drink cocktails all the night long.


He studied at night while his colleagues drank beer

A rapid promotion his goal.

At all of his courses he would persevere

With all of his heart and his soul.


These lofty endeavours were true and sincere

But all work makes Raj a dull boy

So everyone shunned this young man, so austere

And totally lacking in joy.


He gained his promotion within half a year;

His name on the Manager's door.

This triumph should really have filled him with cheer,

But just left Rajbir wanting more


For such great ambitions do not disappear

And Rajbir died, a lonely recluse.

At his untended grave none will e'er shed a tear

So I can't help but ask ''What's the use?''

The End

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