Wanda Baker the Undertaker

Wanda Baker the Undertaker
Buried bodies like it was nothing
No silly dead body could break her
When her happiness tune she would sing

"Sunshine and rainbows instead of dead men!"
She would sing at the tops of her lungs
"Bunnies and deer in a nice forest glen
Enjoying lollipops with their cute little tongues"

And so Wanda Baker lived happily
Until one day she developed a cough
Her sickness got more and more crappily
But she refused to take the day off

When she got to the grave that day
She make quite the discovery
Her voice had up and run away
And didn't want to make a recovery

So Wanda Baker could not sing
As she shovelled dirt hither and thither
But she heard another tune ring
One that made her hair wither

'Twas the tune of the dead
That had come to haunt her
It stuck in her head
And the spirits did taunt her

Wanda went mad
From the song that day
Her death was soon had
And got her own grave

And once more a moral
To a silly poem;
"Feeling sick or ill?
Then you should stay home."

The End

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