Kersey the Nursey

Kersey the Nursey, of talents diverse-y
Worked in a hospital here
Kersey the Nursey, through all her adverse-ty
Had quite the nursing career.

Kersey the Nursey bested universe-ty
And thought she hadn't a fear
'Til Kersey the Nursey heard a foul curse-y
Being uttered somewhere near

Kersey the Nursely was swearing averse-y
And she told all those with an ear
"Kersey the Nursey will hear you converse-y
More nicely and you will adhere."

Kersey the Nursey let the crowd disperse-y
But one man remained, how queer
Kersey the Nursey bid the man, "Do your worst-y"
So the man caved her head in with cheer.

Kersey the Nursey left there in a hearse-y
And now the moral is clear
The man Kersey the Nursey scolded tersely
Is one you should probably fear.

The End

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