Beyer the Mayor

Beyer the Mayor wasn't quite fair
In all of the things that he'd done
For deep down in his mayoral lair
They only cared if the election, he won.

Beyer the Mayor was an unfair player
And so was his rat of a son
Beyer and Junior made quite the fine pair
Assuring their opponents outdone.

Beyer the Mayor and his rotten heir
Ran and won the mayoral run
But the opponents of Meyer, they did swear
His dirty deeds would be undone.

So Beyer the Mayor, while out getting air
Was approached by a man with a gun
And Beyer the Mayor, upon meeting his slayer
Could only say, "Well, that was fun."

Beyer the Mayor died right there
That a moral-tale may be spun
If your prayer is a spot as Mayor
You'd better be nice as a nun.

The End

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