Cherry Red Heart

She is candy coated, sugar sweet
That venom is always luxurious to us all
Your lush hair sways in the breeze
You are on top of the world, baby, top of the world

You always get what you want
but it is never enough
Pink silk-screens of a lost soul
comfort you, yeah you feel right at home

A black tattoo so stark
on your milk-white skin
I see your body in the light
so elegant with your angel wings

No, you are not a bad person
just dulled by prescription drugs
“There can be no love”
Just an awful thing to say
But I’m right
It’s a start, from here
to your cherry red heart

Lay out your best Sunday dress
mind the wine-stains, they will never fade
But you will find a flaw within
It will draw attention to your withering self

The End

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