a poem i wrote in english and I'm thinking of reading out loud for a prodject. I wrote it in thoughts of my favorite place in the world. :) torrey with my cousins.

Cherish your moments.

The memories you have.

The time you spent with the people you love. 

Cherish your time.

Give thanks for what you were given;

instead of what you wish you had.

And those you spent it with.

Cherish the details.

Every sound, smell, and taste.

So they will remind you of what you had.

And when they come along again;

if you cherish your days

the memories will stay

and pick you up when you're sad. 

Cherish your friendships 

the stupid things you do

if either by bravery or intent;

and laugh about it afterwards.

Cherish the place

the way it looks in the morning

the way you see it at night

the changes you wish were never made.

Cherish the people

their faces, their words

the things they say to make you laugh

the impression they made.

If we dwindle in thoughts

and forget what we love,

then your last and dying wish,

is that you lived in the moment,

took advantage of time,

and remembered to always cherish. 

The End

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