Chemistry Isn't Entirely Useless It Seems :3

Okay! So if you've ever talked to me, you know just how much I truly despise going to chemistry class, so you might find this rather hysterical (I sat dazed for a second,in all honesty, because it really is just to much xD)
But,anyway, I'm sitting here doing writing formulas and such, and this just mainfests in my brain :p ENJOY! :3

((P.S- The grammar and capitalization is positively terrible. So please don't leave comments judging my horrid,feverish writing lol Cuz' trust me, i KNOW its terrible :3))

its amazing,really, it is
just how quickly you can adapt to someone being in your life-
or someone walking out of it.
its astounding,if you really stop and think about it
(which I seem to do always)
how much alike elctron formations
and social relations really are:
there is only room enough for one person
closest to you-
think about it,
there really never is two
people with the exact same space claimed
in your heart;
and as the more people connect to you
in your very own electron cloud,
the more people there are to bond with,
making chemical reactions
and forming entirely new elements.
the more (or less) energy you spend
causing friction with your atomic friends,
the places those people trade,
some growing closer and some moving out,
connecting with more people,
taking up that closest spot in the heart of someone else-
sometimes they come back
(electrons are rather sociable, i do hope you realize)
and sometimes they don’t
(there are better places than being in your cloud afterall)
but their memory lives on like a ghost,
until your electrons surround you,
and you are once again filled to the brim
with love,friendship,and happiness
slowly but surely forgetting the ones
that left,
and cherishing the ones that haven’t.

The End

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