Chemical ReactionMature

It's about how love has silly little rules and 'culture' and trying to imagine that somehow you're above all that, when really, all you're doing is just playing the game in a different way

I'm bored of petty rules, playing some obscure game

I'm tired of the flirting, the double-crossing

How they're constantly fucking around with my brain

Leave me be, the pain's in my heart are yours

Sorrows a symptom of a brain malfunction

Chemical reactions dictate that love is the cause


So go and tell them all, I'm done with it all

So go and tell them all, love's only leaving me raw


Go away, I'm done with cheap and tired tricks

Go away, love's chemical reaction's making me sick


I'm tired of having to change, like a chameleon constantly afraid

I'm tried of what's fashionable, and shitty expressions

I'm sick of the styles and the cycles

When did falling in love become a profession


You're trying to be cool, telling your self that you're better

You're just as bad as the rest of them, though I wish you well

Because love isn't butterflies and bursting into life

Love is nothing more than another circle in hell


So go tell them all, I don't want the bullshit anymore

So go and tell them all, I'm leaving without a reason why

There's no point in trying to compromise

Because love and happiness are built upon lies


Go away, I'm done with the cheap tricks 

Go away, love's chemical reaction's making me sick 

The End

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