Cheesy Poetry

I'd ask for extra cheese,
But we all know I'm full of it,
Emotionally evoking? Or full of holes?
The lengthy things I say and write,
Just like I did tonight.

Using words to paint a picture,
Two hinges to hang,
On one side of a busy room,
A need for blunt, blatant honesty,
A simple cheesy portrait,
Yet on the other side,
A simple portrait can't be placed,
There are some things,
That the obvious words can't divulge.

This room is wracked with people,
Wanting to see one painting,
While the artist wishes to paint another,
But an artist knows best to follow their heart.

So with every stroke of words over time,
And every flowing rhyme,
And every resonant asonance,
And every absurd alliteration,
An artist paints the picture fine,
And those who can't see its beauty,
Will have to wait for another time.

All the cute things need to be said,
All the sweet words that fill an artist's head,
Along with the soulful philosophy,
Of thoughts that are only contained in the mind, in the heart,
That, through words the artist finds difficult to part.

The End

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