Chasing Rainbows

My grown up crush...

 Take my hand and I won’t leave you
Hold to me I won’t let go
Stay a while cause I’m not going
Do not fear what you don’t know
Be my teacher, I’ll learn for you
Be a rock where I can stand
I’ll be your rest when you feel weary
I’ll be your help, just take my hand
Take my hand, you have my heart
Take from me what I freely commit
But only take what you can offer
Borrow my faith if yours is unfit
If I am blind, then leave me in darkness
It’s here that I’ve found your company
Or close your eyes and dream as I do
See why I ignore reality
My dreams are so vibrant and filled with mystery
Each moment is different, there’s something new
My dreams have been filled with new found pleasure
My dreams have been filled with thoughts of you
Obsessing? No, hardly, but a girl can imagine
What could lie in store should things go right
So I’m chasing rainbows and wishing on stars
That you’ll follow me into my dreams tonight

The End

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