Chasing Lovely

A short poem about how the one I love manages to slip away from me every time and how my mind fools me each time.

I look at the Sun and find myself blinded by its rays.
And then i see your beautiful face behind the powerful, rainbow haze.
I then want to look at you in real time,
But its shadowy after-signs do not grant me this chance of incoherent crime.

I look at the noon sky, golden and pure while it thrives with cirrus.
And then I see your beautiful face hiding behind the clouds, gallant and imperious.
It makes me want to look at you in real time,
But your purity, so benign, has conveniently cloaked itself behind the sky's infinite refines.

I look at the night sky and am greeted with the sparkle of stars.
And then I look for your beautiful face and find the gloss of your eyes in the diamond-shaped flowers.
My heart yearns, and so I approach you with a kiss,
but its only the air that unsurprisingly touches my lips.
It then isn't long before soon that I wake up to see,
an unrelenting, importunate Sun staring directly back at me.


The End

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