Chase Me

i love the way the light glints off the sheen of sweat on your skin-
you've been chasing me for months,
and i've finally stopped to let you catch up.
i turn to watch you as you slowly speed up,
i watch the way your muscles moved and the way breathe as you run-
and you are beautiful, of that i have no doubt.
how can such beauty want me?
you're working hard to get to where i am before i take off again-
little do you know but i'm done running...
this is your chance-
prove to me what you've been spewing for weeks.
show me that you can love me better than anyone else can-
show me that you can handle holding my hand-
face the rumors, your fears, and your doubts,
tell the world that i am the one you'd die for.
show me that your words and your actions can have the same meanings-
and maybe then i'll let you truly save me.

The End

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