I will miss you Scott

Just one last moment

One last glance

When life falls and turns to dust

You and you alone I trust

You keep the poison from leaching my veins

Forever you keep my pain

If I could give you anything

It would be my soul from the depth of my very chest

So if I die or fall from grace you will have the very best


Only for you would I stay in place

For as long as you need me to stay

If I hasten my breath and still my heart

I can hear your breath rise and fall apart

For however long it takes

I will give you something that never breaks

If I could last for one year more

I would show you something you can’t replace

I will give you something to chase


I wish you the best and all it’s haste

I need you back here in my arms

For life is nothing without that charm

For you have my everything

My all and nothing more.

The End

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