chapter 16-21

Miranda had discovered that Mrs.Nesbitt died. The family cleaned out all the useful stuff in Mrs.Nesbitt's how like she had asked them to do. Peter payed a visit to the family. They received a letter from their father, but it was an old one that never got to them before. The day after thanksgiving they had a meal, not like a big one, but it was more than what they were use to. Soon christmas came, even though no one was expecting anything they all got something. Sickness soon began going around,

In the end of the book Miranda had a psychological change in her mind. She had decided that if she was going to die she didnt want her mom seeing her so she leaves home. She finds two men at the town hall who had groceries and were willing to take her back home with them. This moment in the book Miranda began to be happy and full of hope, so how she felt changed at the end.

Not all bad situation ends in a bad way. Miranda left her home knowing that she would die, instead she found two men who were giving out food and saved her family, Mr.Danworth said “the worst is over. You made it this far, you’ll make it all the way.”


The End

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