Chaotic Order

My dad.

My life’s dream began as a nightmare,

Filled with the echoes of a silent warfare.

Why, colonel, did you insist on tearing me down?

Why was my corpse the jewel in your crown?

I was a good soldier, that way I had remained,

But you insisted on forcing me into a world of pain,

God knows what you gained when you trained me to this,

Unashamedly throwing me to the depths of cowardice.


We are all Abels, with you as our Cain,

Except that we die again and again,

Spoilt poison, not blood, in our veins.


Our father but our reaper,

Never your brother’s keeper,

A no-loyalty kind of agent, sleeper.

Sold my soul at a rate even cheaper-

Than what you sold yours for.


You’ve trapped me in some kind of inescapable prison,

Watching from afar those waiting for the Risen,

I haven’t known freedom, but this is what it isn’t.

The End

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