on Deals

I make a deal with you:
Give me fifteen minutes
And you can have the rest of the night
I know what you'll choose, of course
It's not right
But then broken promises rarely are
Here they lie...
Two of them,
Like cracked plastic
On the bathroom floor
One for me and one to you
Both defective, somehow malformed
You can return them to the manufacturer
But there was never a guarantee.

I hold the promises in my hand,
So easy to dismantle,
And I cut away the truth like scarred skin
The lies spill out from underneath
I press down hard, but it doesn't change nature.

So catharsis evaporates with your rap on the door
This wasn't right
But I get so desensitized
I make these deals with the devil all the time.
I forget
You don't know what I'm like

When I break a promise to myself
I can always fix it by shattering the pieces
It's no surprise
My nerves are shot
Desensitized by all these lies
Though traitor tears leak from my eyes
We had a deal-
It wasn't fair
I don't know how to be fair
When imbalance floods the empty air
And tries to reach the leaden skies

Although I hoped he wouldn't dare
The devil wears my deft disguise.

The End

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