Maybe you don't know what you are...
But when you flash your silver scales on my scars
I'll watch.
I see your silhouette
I hope someday you will use your wings to fly
Discover the magic people covet in you
Maybe there is not enough of you to go around
But I would be proud to watch you fly
If it meant I wouldn't hold you down

Some nights I dream you fly me
And I am safe from this pit
I embrace its darkness and you live in it.
You fight swords and you fight demons
Mine and yours and others

You are so brave, so clever
But sometimes I wonder
What are you
Behind eyes of so many colours
What are you thinking?
Dragons are few and far in between
Do you know you?
Great and beautiful
Made of myth
Rare and so strong
Do you see the wings on your back?
I see what I thought to be legend.

The End

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