Note to Self

A slip of the eye or the cheek or the lip
A twitch of the brow or a tightening grip
She's watched you.

This crack of plastic snaps walls into air
She's watched you enough that you need not be there
You couldn't see

She's pulling you up so you look to the skies
Where hope sometimes flies, where you too hope to rise
It's no surprise that you don't watch the hope in her eyes
As she looks into darkness where hope often dies

It's strange that- like darkness- bright light leaves one blind
Shifts one's perception from inside one's mind
The pit of one's stomach is numbed by it all
What in light seems a flight just might be a fall

The levity rips away your gravity
She was never as strong as you thought her to be
When you finally climb to those glorious skies
You'll recognize an angel who falls as you fly

If the lift of your fingers is not quite enough
Is there nothing you can do
To pull your saviour back up?

The End

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