Chaos Theory

Chaos theory, in essence, is the idea that tiny differences in the beginning of something drastically affect its path from that point onwards. It's the thought that how you start something will determine the way you'll end it. Is life like dominoes? Perhaps marbles, or some combination of the two? One tiny choice, one mundane moment, or, rather, each of them, colliding with all the others to shape all the choices and moments from then onwards. Would that mean that every choice matters?... or that none of them do?

We aren't able to track the direction things will take-- but that doesn't mean they weren't always headed that way.

The following is a series of poems that explore that: the caustic chaos, the beauty in the broken, and the bitter taste in your mouth when you realize where you'll land.

Please comment with your thoughts on these poems, whatever they might be.
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The End

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