Changing In

fall is changing into winter and while i battle my own thoughts, the comfort of the weather soothes my mind

the wind whistles as it does blow

and makes the trees bend low like a willow

yellow, red and brown leaves falling

sending a message that winter is calling

knock, knock on the door goes the icy hand

wrapped up in mystery, concealing its plan

the storm is coming and the rain does start

calming the storm that's inside my heart 

a comforting reminder that from time to time

even the wonderous earth does cry

open the heavens, feel the tears on my skin 

make me aware of every thought from within

I am open, I am barren, with such vulnerability 

like the world, I am wearing my heart on my sleeve

I've nothing left so take all that I am

as the rain washes clean this unchartered land

the wound that summer has baked into the ground

will heal and, with time, make less of a sound

so I scream into the wind because we are one

and the words disappear and make way for the sun

The End

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